Ydonna Santos

Ydonna  Santos

Property Manager

Ydonna is a highly motivated, organised professional providing high-level customer service and support to peers and clients.

With previous experience in fast-paced fashion, the challenging hospitality industry, and travelling around the world for the past 5 years, she has developed strong interpersonal skills and has quickly grasped the knowledge to understand the whole picture and all the complexities that can happen within sales and property management. 

Ydonna takes pride in her work, always striving for perfection whilst meeting important deadlines. Her passion for Real Estate has elevated her learning propelling her career further having been recently promoted to Property Manager. She delivers information to tenants and landlords in a straight forward, friendly and approachable manner appreciating the importance of building lasting relationships.

She is determined to have a successful career in the luxury property market and is a dependable member of the Vanguarde team.