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The market does not send post cards

Travis and I are asked one question as you would imagine constantly ‘How is the market?’

Our reply is to break down the actual market movement and current state at the time of asking.

However, something worth noting is in spite of our coalface information from the front lines we know that

‘The market does not send postcards’ It just changes, sometimes overnight, sometimes seasonal but it never gives us any real definitive notice.

When contemplating the market on when is it a good time to buy I look to the example of my leading clients who sit on the boards or multiple companies on the ASX or indeed own something on the ASX.   I watch them practice a very methodical consistency when it comes to their portfolios over the last 2 decades.  I see them buying in all markets, holding, improving, trading but always participating. 

I think its even more interesting watching when they strike.  Many of our sales this year have been to some of our most prolific clients as they sense the market is at a reasoned point, the eye of a storm some have said.  There is no evidence of a dramatic downturn but there is a lot of evidence and fundamental drivers for growth ahead.  It is that longer term view most of the truly successful clients that I deal with seem to take.



I have taken a leaf out of their book and purchased a few properties over the last year, I urge everyone who is on the fence to consider doing the same.   I say this peppered with the knowledge that in all my time there is one fact I can guarantee ‘the market does not send postcards, it just turns up at your doorstep and the world changes’

This week we have closed three more properties ($7m worth) and there are more ahead.  The buyers and sellers are meeting and good deals are being negotiated, I have not seen this for many years.  

If you are looking come speak to Travis and myself between 2pm and 3pm at our office in Observatory Tower most Saturday’s

We have properties on the market and some silent listings on our private desk.  

Our office is warm and coffee is ready we would love to have a chat and help.  Hope to see you at our inspections or come into the office to look at our private desk and explore some of our silent listings.




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