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Market comment – Quality listings continue to attract interest and the need to ensure you are with an experienced agent in this level market.

In a market that is considered to be levelling out we are finding that appetite for quality stock is still strong.

Of late we have achieved two sales off market or within our database with another two set to occur very shortly.

Each of these listings shares a common thread. They have no areas of weakness. They are in blue chip buildings, have immaculate or even above average fitout and are properties that are rarely traded in any market.

Just as we are seeing product come off the market or stagnate within the market from owners who were expecting market conditions of 2014-17 to still be presenting. We are noting that real buyers are in the market to meet real sellers.

One thing is certain if you want to be in today’s market and actually selling not just listing talk to the agents that have been through 2004, 2008-9. We have the experience and are seasoned in all markets to get the right results and advise our clients of winning strategies in changing markets.

Travis and I are available for private meetings come see us in our boardroom as above and lets discuss your buying or selling needs confidentially. Tim@vanguarde.com.au or Travis@vanguarde.com.au or call on 02 9252 3511.

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