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Market Update from the experts

As we are faced with so much information daily all competing in a sensationalist way to grab ratings I thought it important to put to credible forms on where the market is.

The first is Herron Todd White Residential Valuation firm.  This shows Sydney (very general as everything West, North or South of the East) as in starting to decline.








However when we look at a more specialized and area specific firm that looks at all areas of Sydney like Core Logic we can see a clearer picture emerge.















In our area that we specialize in being Sydney  – City we see that apartment have had 11.8% growth in 2017, predicted 6.5% growth in 2018 and predicted 3.5% growth in 2019.

The reason behind the sustained growth in the City in our estimation is the massive amount of infrastructural improvements that have been happening in every sector of our City for the past 5 years now and that will continue for the next 5 years.  The Sydney CBD in terms of a livable environment in 2023 will be spectacular and virtually unrecognizable.

For any questions in relation to the market in our area we are always here to provide up to the minute updates.

Please give myself a call on 0411 73 11 33 or Travis 0414 34 77 13 anytime.

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