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Five years out of the rabbit hole


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The last month of 2017 is upon us and for me this December marks a very special date.

It will be five years since receiving a bone marrow transplant for Leukemia it is the date to which Doctors dare to pronounce me as cured. It will be five years for me having recovered from a terribly aggressive cancer and the treatment which nearly ended my life several times and left me in a wheelchair with severe brain damage in 2012.

I know only to well how Alice (in the looking glass) felt falling down the rabbit hole into another reality. My saving grace was the support of people close to me in my life and foremost Travis Reeve my business partner who not only ran our company but also visited myself and also a special mention to Kate Sommervelle who dedicated many evenings to coming to see me and lift my spirits.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step was put up on my wall in sacred heart hospital which I looked at and gave me an incredible perspective that I have taken from sickness to health, from wheelchair to walking and to the complete mental recovery of my IQ.

Everyday I do think how fortunate that I am in family, friends and in life.

In business the lesson of ‘handling each matter a step at a time’ is a defining difference of how I move forward with Vanguarde Estate Agents, our journey continues but the man walking those steps has been forever changed, galvanized and fortified.

I walk into December 2017 with a full heart, clear mind and optimistic outlook.AKR_VEA - 3R

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