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Winter is here but the opportunities and deals continue to present

Seasonal market update

Winter is now firmly entrenched and our OFI’s for sales and leasing are seeing the seasonal pattern of less numbers but high quality parties.  As few parties venture out in the cold conditions unless they are hunting to buy or lease.

Our private appointments continue to be strong and deals continue to be done.

We average 1 or 2 sales and 3-4 properties leased a week generally, across Winter interestingly we seem to have quite a good track record of success.  Our market is robust and in the general market the auction rate is above 70% which demonstrates sales market is moving.  For leasing market it is more challenging but at the same time for tenants looking to secure a residence there are some superb properties on offer.  This time of the year as a team we work harder to maintain the momentum, as always the secret to success is hard work and consistency.

On the sales front we have some truly amazing properties where we are doing the photography and videos whilst we have these glorious blue sky’s and sparkling harbor views as our backdrop. Travis and I really do pinch ourselves sometimes as we truly love what we do and feel very lucky to be in the position our hard work from 2004 has propelled us into.

For buyers and tenants I will tell you that right now is an excellent time to be looking to purchase or to find a great residence to lease.


Other exciting news!

This quarter we wanted to announce some very exciting news in relation to a star in the CBD property management business has taken a leadership role in our business as Senior Property Manager.

AKR_VEA_Gino H (Retouched)

With almost three decades’ experience managing some of Sydney’s most prestigious inner-city properties, Gino Romeo has honed his craft in the city he lives and breathes. From managing properties leasing at up to $7,000 per week to selling multi-million-dollar residences, Gino’s foremost commitment is to producing quality results far exceeding client expectations.

Gino’s history in the real estate industry has given him the edge on pricing, maintaining, buying, selling and leasing properties in the Sydney market, and he prides himself on matching clients with the right property to suit their needs.

A key strength and core quality Gino is known for is his one on one attention to clients.  Gino makes himself available at any time to our clients and takes great pride and care to those under his management.

From humble beginnings as a junior property manager to managing multimillion-dollar properties, Gino has earned his reputation through consistent hard work, dedication to clients and proven exceptional results.

Gino brings his vast experience to Vanguarde Estate Agents to enhance all of our operations and efficiency particularly with regards to maximising client returns.

We are very excited after wanting Gino to be a part of Vanguarde Estate Agents since our beginning in 2004 that he has become a strong member of our team.

Gino Romeo at Vanguarde Estate Agents with his 30 years of knowledge and experience further solidifies our statement of “Our Local Knowledge is Your Advantage”


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